Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Feeling pretty special

I'm feeling rather special today.
Yesterday I was really sick. I was in bed most of the day with the 24 hour bug or something and all I ate all day was jello, crackers, ginger ale and water. Not my favorite meal and if I could have I would have eaten something much better. But my stomach wouldn't allow it.
I pretty much had to fend for myself because Mom and Dad left for the day and wouldn't be home until today.
It was also the first day I had to call in sick to work. Not too fun seeing as I don't like to call in sick because too many people at my work use it too often when they are not sick. But I had to do that anyway.
Today was my real day off and I was feeling much better. Food never tastes as good as when you have been sick and you could have any. Um yummy Food!
SO to the special part and why I am feeling so special today. Today I got flowers.
Reagan sent me some beautiful yellow, pink, and purple flowers just to let me know that he was thinking about me.
Wasn't that sweet of him?

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