Saturday, March 15, 2008

One week old

Can you believe that Isabelle is already a week old?!
I can't believe it myself. She had her very first doctor checkup the other day and they said that she had gained a whole 2 oz! WOW!
Okay so she's tinnie tiny and it is going to be a while before she starts gaining, but I think once she does she will grow quickly.
We are all convinced that Isabelle is a very intellegent child. She rolled over yesterday by herself. Whether or not it was completely be accident or not babies aren't normally supposed to do that.
She went on her very first outting yesterday to visit me at work. Mom and Heather walked down with the stroller.
I am actually at C and H's apartment right now and Isabelle is making cute little squeaky noises. Her cries sounds just like a little squeaky toy. It's so adorable.
Well I didn't come over her to write in my blog. I actually came over to organize.
I am getting really good at cleaning and organizing.
I talk on the phone pretty much every night now and I clean and organize while I do it.

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