Saturday, May 24, 2008

Head 'em up and move 'em out!

Tomorrow I will be heading out for an entire week of admiring God's creation South of the Boarder.

I can't believe that my cruise is Finally here. It seems not too long ago my friend Laura was asking me to go with her. Now here I am looking it full in the face.

I am overwhelmed with the reality that I will be traveling the same ocean that my ancestors did over 350 years ago. Not only that, but I will also see place that my great grandparents saw as they sailed into the NY harbor. Miss Liberty standing tall and proud. Ellis Island where they went through Imigration.

Last year I placed my feet into the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in my known memory.

Now I will be traveling on it. If for no other reason, I want to go on this Cruise to see the beauty of God's creation. Everything is exciting and everything is as nerve racking as groom on a wedding day. And yet I can't wait. I have so many firsts, but that's okay. I have people praying for me, I have parents who are supporting me and yes, I even have a boyfriend who has been helping me hash out the airport jitters.

12 hours from now I am heading out. I will be exhausted because I probably will be too nervous to sleep tonight. Check it out. I have to be a lucky girl to have a friend like Laura who was willing to ask Me to go with her. Blessed to have an opportunity of a life time like this that some people have only dreamed of doing.

SO tomorrow as you go to church and throughout the week while you are about your work and play, think of me and pray for me as I will be doing something totally new and out of my comfort zone.

Then Come back on Saturday for posts and pictures. I may not have everything complied until Sunday, but I will at least have a few words to say and high lights from my journal I will be keeping while on my trip.

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