Thursday, March 22, 2007


I know I really shouldn't be complaining about Taxes and everything, but I just have to vent. I hate taxes. I know, I get money back every year, but that's not the point. First you fill out this line and then this line then you add the two lines then you fill in the next 6 lines before subtracting from the third line and the fourth line in that one needs this forum and by the time you are all finished you have no real clue who or what taxes are all about.
Okay so I did my taxes today how could you tell? Last year it was pretty easy. I just filled out the EZ form and I was done with it. Right, this year I did the long form. I can't really complain. I have more money coming back to me because I used the long form instead of the short. I was able to calculate me school bill interest this time around and that gave me more money back.
I just hope that I did it right because I literally was at it all day stopping only for a walk to the PO and lunch and no nap. I finished around 3:30 I hope I sleep tonight because now my mind doesn't have to think about the fact that I still have to do my taxes.
Now I just have to worry about my car.
Hey I learned something new though threw all of this. I learned that if you are looking for a tax form just go the irs website and you can get any form you can't find at the post office. And trust me, if they can tax you on it they will have a form for it. EEEKK!
I was very happy to find them there and not have to look in a million places for it.
And I am so happy that it totally over for the year. I hope whoever I marry likes to do taxes because I will do them kicking and screaming for the rest of my life.

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