Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Five Senses of the Seasons Part III

It's that time of year again!
Time to put our five senses together once again to see if the next season has come.
Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, but if you were to look outside my window right now you would think it was still January.
I think Spring is the season you use all five of your senses the most. Of course I have all ready proven that we use all of them in every season.
People describe Spring as magical. And I suppose it came seem that way. I think it was really cool that Christ died in Spring because Spring represents His resurrection and newness in life in Christ. Hey God new what He was doing when He made the four seasons.
Hearing is usually the first sense that I use when it come to Spring. I hear the birds. Robins and Red wing Blackbirds have always been the birds that I hear that make me think of Spring.
Smell- Just like the Fall Spring has that smell to it. Almost like the air is warming up, but not only that but you also have the smell of fresh rain and flowers and green growing things. It's this sense that is very dangerous to me. Once I smell just a hint of Spring in the air I get Spring Fever so bad it isn't even funny.
Sight -Last week the snow pretty much melted away showing us the green grass that was hiding underneath all that snow and in some places crocuses, snowdrops, daffodils and other flowers pop up every where. I think this is everyones favorite sense during the Spring because it's amazing to watch these teeny tiny little green things popping up out of the ground and the little leaves that start to grow on the trees. It means that summer will be in full swing in about three months.
Touch- The warmer air. Even if it is snowing sometimes that feeling shows you that it really is Spring and the snow is just a pain that will go way quickly. How about the dirt in your hands as you turn it and plant those seed you bought in January when the store started to sell them. I know some people all too well. It was amazing to see people buy seeds just after the new year in preparation for Spring.
Tasting- Some people might laugh when I tell them that I can taste Spring in the air, but I can't describe to you what it is. So we will say that Tasting most of the time is one of the last things we use because of the fruits and veggies that grow at the end of the season.
Once again we have put our senses together and touched, tasted, smelled, felt and heard spring. Maybe I am crazy, but if God gave us five senses why shouldn't we be using them in every aspect of our lives even if it does give you Spring Fever :)

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