Saturday, January 31, 2009

Never Let Go

Learning the ways of a blind man has been very enlightening for me. There are so many things that I have to do or can't do so that I can make Reagan as comfortable as possible. Once in a while I will do something and Reagan will not like it because he can't see what I am doing and it make him very uncomfortable. But there is one lesson that I have learned and even though I have a tendency of lapsing into forgetfulness once in awhile, I refuse to forget.

Never let go!

If I let go of him, he would soon be lost and disoriented, not really knowing where he was, unless he was in familiar surroundings. He would hold out his hand looking for mine so that I can lead him to where he needs to go.

I never thought of this as an important part of marriage until now. I am seeing too many friends letting go of their partners. One day they and their spouse are loving and caring, and the next day they have been blinded by anger and hate and they do the one thing they should never do, they let go. After they have let go they start wandering around blindly not knowing where they are going and they become even more blinded because they are angry their partner has let go of them. They are lost, disoriented, and hurt and don't realize their partner has been standing next to them the whole time holding out their hand once more, waiting. They never let go in the first place.

"To have and to hold"

That is one of my favorite parts in a traditional wedding ceremony. To have and to hold from this day forward as long as you both shall live. It's a pledge to never again let go. To take gently the hand of your new spouse and to say before God and all your friends that for as long as there is breath in you, you refuse to let anything come between you and cause you to let go.

I have always loved the fact that a marriage is just like Christ and his bride, the church. It says in the Bible that once you have been saved, Christ will take you into his arms and never let you go. As you give your life over to Christ you are saying to him "to have and to hold". Holding on to Christ hand is the most wonderful experience you will ever have. He can lead you to place you can only dream about, and His eyes will never be blinded by fear.

I will always have to hold on to my partners hand. Holding on to his hand makes it easier for me to heal from my hurt. It keeps me from being blinded by my pettiness. I have asked him to do something for me and I really hope my friends will follow my lead. I asked him to never let go. If I try to back away I want him to pull me all the closer to him.

In just a few months I will be saying my vows and in those vows I am going to say the words "to have and to hold" to my husband to be.

Have you let go? If so reach out your hand to were your spouse was when you let go. He's still there. If you both wandered away from each other, ask a friend to guide you back to each other, and when you have taken his hand once more, Never Let Go.

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Frank Westcott said...

We sit here watching "The Note" on TV and it came to the part where tears come. Your mother didn't know what I was reading on the computer and so didn't know why I really had tears. This was touching. We talked to a couple today and one is dieing. But the man has basicly said to his wife I will never let go even though you have cancer. So, this had double meaning to me tonight.