Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Nature's Fireworks

Happy 4th of July!
Although today was not hot like most people think it should be on the 4th of July, it still did not turn out too horribly bad.
I pretty much worked all day which I am not glad about because I am sure I would have been board watching the rain drip. More than likely a few fireworks displays were put off because of the rain, but that is all well and good.
Mom and Dad went to see my grandmothers this week so I have this whole big house to myself with all it's creaking boards and imaginary humans walking around. I was very glad that Cliff and Heather came over and we watched Yankee Doddle Dandy, Sky High, and the Boston Pops fireworks.
But I think that what set the whole nice mood was last night when I came home late from work. It was just after 9 and there was still a little bit of light coming from behind the mountain. I was on my way into my house when I saw Natures first flash of fireworks I have seen this year.
No I am not talking about lightening although that is a nice grad finale sometimes. No this was a little flash of fireworks. One that I had to stop and turn around and watch to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. I did. A Lightening bug. Although it is a tiny creature, it is still a beautiful sight to see and one that I rarely get to see around here because special bugs don't really show themselves around here. That little flash of firefly and then another until a whole chorus of them started to show off. It was the perfect beginning of Independence Day.

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